Indonesian Media & Social Transformation (ukuran B5)
14 Emerging Scholars

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This book is written as an effort to understand how far Indonesia has changed since the power transition began 20 years ago. In a world where our experience is more and more mediated than before, we are forced to understand Indonesia's social transformation through the media and the images it produces. Today, our daily life perhaps may be defined mostly by the types of media we consume and the technology of media we – deliberately or not – choose to use. The mediatization of Indonesian social life is characterized by the change in media system which, on the one hand, has become increasingly liberal with the erosion of authoritarian restraints of the government since the fall of the New Order. But, on the other hand, has created an oligarchic media structure which controlled by media moguls who are also politically active to maintain this system of power. This is a paradoxical situation in Indonesia’s struggle for democratization in which Indonesian people, in the local proverb likened, are as if saved out of the mouth of the tiger just to be herded into the mouth of the crocodile. There are 13 articles in this book which are divided into four sub-themes: Media and Political Transformation, Media and Minority, Internet and Counter-Public Sphere, and Popular Culture and Democracy. The authors are doctoral candidates at renowned universities in Indonesia, Germany, and Malaysia. The writings are based on researches that were rigorously reviewed at Emerging Scholars Workshop in the Collaborative International Conference held by Padjadjaran University, Indonesia, and the University of Erfurt, Germany, on November 3, 2017.
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