PROCEEDING INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE The 1st International Conference on Applied Linguistics and Language Studies (CALLS)
Achmad Dian, dkk.

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ISBN : 978-623-7109-71-6
e-ISBN : 978-623-7109-72-3
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The 1st CALLS is establised to support the government in enriching research and scientific publications in humanities, especially in the field og language and linguistics; encourage language researchers, observers, practitioners, and instructors from around the globe, particularly Indonesia and Southeast Asia, to develop golablly while maintaning the local wisdoms; and to prvide a place for them to share ideas, research findings, innovations, visions, as well as missions. The theme for this year's conference is "21st Century Challenges and Opportunities in Languages Learning and Practice," with several scopes such as Translating and Interpreting; Sociolinguistics; Pragmatics; Language in Hospitality Industry; ICT in Language Learning and Practice; Language Pilicy; Linguistic Landscape; Teaching ang Learning Methodology; Curriculum Development; ang Langusge Teaching and Learning. CALLS invites all language researchers, Language observers, languge practitioners such as translators and interpreters, and language instructors from schools, universities, or other affiliations ti participate ini this event.
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